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Scotch Pines Dog Training


 Specializing in
Off-Leash Obedience

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   Imagine this: you stroll through a meadow while your dog romps in the sunshine. A rabbit bolts and your dog starts after it. You give a one-word command and he wheels around, bounding cheerfully back to sit expectantly at your feet.
   Another command from you and your dog heels sedately at your left side. You stop. He sits attentively. You tell him to lie down and stay and you walk off to investigate something. You give the release command and he frolics off to continue your companionable outing together. No leash. No shock collar. No food bribes. No panic. You have full confidence that your dog is under control.
   At Scotch Pines Dog Training we believe that true obedience must extend beyond the six foot leash. Because gates get left open and leashes slip. Because real life, even in your backyard, is off leash. Our goal is to instill off-leash reliability whether your dog is walking with you along a mountain trail or a city street, whether there are other dogs or children about, or even whether a cat zips by.
   Our group classes provide the training your dog needs to earn such confidence and freedom.





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