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Ranking of Dogs for Obedience and Working Intelligence taken from the book " The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren

1. Border Collie                                  41. Curly-haired Retriever
2. Poodle                                                     Irish Wolfhound
3. German Shepherd                          42. Kuvasz
4. Golden Retriever                                    Australian Shpeher
5. Doberman Pinscher                        43. Saluki
6. Shetland Sheepdog                                 Finnnish Spitz
7. Labrador Retriever                                  Pointer
8. Papillon                                            44. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
9. Rottweiler                                              German Wirehaired Pointer
10. Australian Cattle Dog                          Black-and-tan Coonhound
11. Pembroke Welsh Corgi                        American Water Spaniel
12. Miniature Schnauzer                      45. Siberian Husky
13. English Springer Spaniel                     Bichon Frise
14. Belgian Tervuren                                 English toy Spaniel
15. Schipperke                                      46. Tibetan Spaniel
      Belgian Sheepdog                               English Foxhound
16. Collie                                                  Otter Hound
      Keeshond                                             American Foxhound
17. German Shorthair Pointer                  Greyhound
18. Flat-coated Retriever                          Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
       English Cocker Spaniel                47. West Highland Terrier
       Standard Schnauzer                             Scottish Deerhound
19. Brittany Spaniel                             48. Boxer
20. Cocker Spaniel                                    Great Dane
21. Weimaraner                                   49. Dachshund
22. Belgian Malinois                                 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
      Bernese Mountain Dog                 50. Malamute
23. Pomeranian                                   51. Whippet
24. Irish Water Spaniel                               Chinese Shar-Pei
25. Vizsla                                                    Wirehaired Fox Terrier
26. Cardigan Welsh Corgi                     52. Rhodesian Ridgeback
27. Chesapeake Bay Retriever             53. Ibizan Hound
       Puli                                                       Welsh Terrier
       Yorkshire Terrier                                  Irish Terrier
28. Giant Schnauzer                             54. Boston Terrier
       Portugese Water Dog                          Akita
29. Airedale                                          55. Skye Terrier
       Bouvier des Flanders                    56. Norfolk Terrier
30. Border Terrier                                       Sealyham Terrier
       Briard                                             57. Pug
31. Welsh Springer Spaniel                  58. French Bulldog
32. Manchester Terrier                        59. Brussels Griffon
33. Samoyed                                               Maltese Terrier
34. Field Spaniel                                 60. Italian Greyhound
      Newfoundland                               61. Chinese Crested
      Australian Terrier                          62. Dandie Dinmont Terrier
      American Staffordshire Terrier           Vendeen
      Gordon Setter                                      Tibetan Terrier
      Bearded Collie                                    Japanese Chin
35. Cairn Terrier                                       Lakeland Terrier
       Kerry Blue Terrier                       63. Old English Sheepdog
       Irish Setter                                   64. Great Pyrenees
36. Norwegian Elkhound                  65. Saint Bernard
37. Affenpinschers                             66. Bullterrier
      Silky Terrier                                  67. Chihuahua
      Miniature Pinscher                       68. Lhasa Apso
      English Setters                             69. Bullmastiff
      Pharaoh Hound                            70. Shih Tzu
      Clumber Spaniels                         71. Bassett Hound
38. Norwich Terrier                           72. Mastiff
39. Dalmatians                                          Beagle
40. Soft-coated Wheaton                   73. Pekingese
Terrier                                                 74. Bloodhound
     Bedlington Terrier                        75. Borzoi
    Smooth-haired Fox Terrier           76. Chow Chow
                                                            77. Bulldog
                                                            78. Basenji
                                                             79. Afgan Hound

Rank            Characteristics 
1-10              Brightest Dogs
11-26            Excellent Working Dogs
27-39            Above Average Working Dogs
40-54            Average Working/Obedience Intelligence
55-69            Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence
70-79            Poor Working/Obedience Intelligence 

All dogs are wonderfully brilliant, so don't get discouraged (or complacent!) by this list. It is true that different breeds learn at different rates, but we have seen bulldogs and basenjis graduate higher than border collies. What really matters is the mind-set and diligence of a dog's owner that determines that dog's success. Aim high and you can do it!!!

"Stumpy" -- Best in Class December 2007

Stumpy is a Pitbull/Bassett Hound shelter dog. He graduated Scotch Pines Training top in class!!