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Services we do not offer:


Therapy dog training:

Most organizations (hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, care homes, etc.) offer their own training programs as they have specific criteria and it is best to contact them directly- please visit the websites listed for local resources:


To prepare for the test, please go online to the ATD website,  Click on the “Join” drop-down menu, then “Be a Member”.  You will find a lot of information about ATD and the process of registration. Scroll down to the “Download Membership Forms” and download the .pdf file. Please read through it all, there is good information. The forms that you need to print start with the Application on page 17.

 A special thank you to Michael Hayhurst for the above information 

Information on therapy dog vs service dogs and their uses, traits necessary in these dogs etc can be found at this link:

Thank you to Jo Miller for sharing this link! 

Hunting training:

We recommend Jeff and Debbie Weber at "Fetch This Kennel" 208-642-4245 or ask your veterinarian for a reference


Service dog training:

We recommend Canine Companions for Independence  this is the one tried and true organization and although many trainers offer this service we stand very firmly on our referral only to CCI
 This site offers some very important laws regarding service dogs, violations of the laws that we sadly see often as well as some resources when looking into getting a service dog

Guard/attack training:

Any dog falling into the category of a guardian breed is already predisposed to protection and we have often seen that encouraging that natural born instinct can damage the dog's own talent and result in an unpredictable dangerous pet that can no longer be trusted for what we needed in the first place.