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Our January classes have all been filled 

Registration is now open for our outdoor April classes! 

April 8th, 9th and 10th  in Meridian (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday- your choice), April 11th in Nampa (Thursday)


If you have purchased during our Black Friday sale please fill out and mail/email your registration form to hold a spot in your preferred class. Class schedule listed on "home" page.


 We offer puppy classes and private training all year by appointment.

We do not offer board and train. 

Print this form to register for class

Please enroll me in the next 9-week course to be held once a week in the evenings in Nampa or Meridian beginning_______________________.
I am including $350.00,
fully refundable only until 3 days before your chosen class starts. Though I have the right to expect the trainer, April Stoppel Jantz to do all in her power to ensure the safety of both handlers and dogs, I free her, employees of Scotch Pines Dog Training, Meridian Parks and Recreation, National Guard and Nampa Parks and Recreation should an unforeseen accident occur.

My signature on this form constitutes a non-compete agreement. I will not use any information from this class for monetary gain.

PRINTED NAME (1 PERSON)______________________________ SIGNATURE_____________________________

TOWN_______________________ZIP_________ PHONE___________

DOG’S NAME_______________________
BREED (If mixed breed please describe)____________________________
Your email address to receive confirmation letter and map via email___________________________

(Your dog must be at least 6 months old at time of class, by registering you are confirming dog's age is over 6 months)

Confirmation emails are sent at least one week prior to class. Please be patient as time restricts us from confirming each registration as it is received. 

If you have NOT received any confirmation email one week prior to class please then call/email/text to confirm registration. 




Mail checks to:

Scotch Pines Dog Training

8288  Ustick Rd

Nampa, ID 83687

(This address is to be used as a mailing address ONLY- private residence)


There is a $5.00 convenience fee for paying by Paypal.
Please fill out registration form and add confirmation number.
Email/mail to or Scotch Pines Dog Training 8288 Ustick Rd, Nampa ID 83687

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