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  Registration is now closed for all remaining 2020 classes. Although exact dates are not yet set (see upcoming class page for approximate class dates for 2021) you can pre-register for a January 2021 class.



We have an extensive waiting list at this point and aren't offering much hope for openings unfortunately. 

Please don't text regarding waiting list, emails only.  

Each class meets on the same day, same time, same place each week for all 9 weeks. For example, signing up for a Monday class in Meridian means you will attend every Monday evening in Meridian for all 9 classes . 

Please read entire page before submitting registration form


By filling in the registration form and clicking submit you agree to the following:

Please enroll me in the chosen 9 week session of the Scotch Pines Dog Training group class.

My dog will be at least 6 months old by the starting date of class. 

Full tuition of $350 will be paid via Paypal ("buy now" button below registration form). If paying by check, check must be mailed within 2 days of registering- mail to address at bottom of page. 

I have the right to expect the trainer, April Jantz to do all in her power to ensure the safety of handlers and dogs. However, I free her and any other parties associated with this class should an unforeseen accident occur.

My submission of this form constitutes a non-compete agreement. I will not use any information for monetary gain or share it with others as I recognize it is proprietary information.

Scotch Pines Dog Training is secure and will not, under any circumstance share my information with other parties.  

Payment must be made at time of registration if paying by Paypal.

If paying by check, check must be received within 3 business days of submitting registration to secure spot in class.  

You MUST click the submit button (before paying through PayPal) at the end of the registration form in order for it to be received!!!

Requested class date: 
Full name:
Email address:
Telephone number:
About your dog!

Dog's name, breed and age (must be at least 6 months old and over 10 lbs at date of class):

Method of payment: 

Once form is submitted please make payment by the paypal option on this page (there is a $9.00 convenience fee for paying by Paypal)  or by check mailed to:

Scotch Pines Dog Training

8288  Ustick Rd

Nampa, ID 83687

(This address is to be used as a mailing address ONLY- private residence)

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