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Scotch Pines Dog Training

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Before emailing please look over our website. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions:

Dog's minimum age (6 mo)

Dog's maximum age (any age can be trained- we've had 12 year old dogs in class!) 

Age requirement of handler (12 years old minimum)

Who can attend (all well behaved family members)  

Cost of class ($325)

Discounts offered (10% discount for all multiple same household dogs, all past clients with their new dog!- not combined with any other offer)

Payments allowed (only by special permission with 1/2 paid on week one of class, the remaining 1/2 paid by week 3

Duration of class (we meet one day per week for 9 weeks, each class is 2 hours long)

Next available starting dates ( August 27th, 28th and 29th in Meridian- your choice of a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, August 30th, Thursday for Nampa) 

Time ( 6:00-8:00pm - times vary throughout year)

Location for spring and summer classes ( Meridian classes held at Heroes Park, Nampa classes held at Lakeview Park- classes are not held in any other town

If you are interested in classes in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls or Anchorage Alaska please see link at top of site for those websites

Towns we offer classes (Nampa and Meridian only 

Bully Breeds (accepted)

Not spayed and neutered dogs (allowed

Services offered (group classes and private training. No board and train offered)  

  We do offer private training and puppy classes all year by appointment.

 We have an extremely high volume of emails, calls and texts daily and try to make our website as informative as possible to help with this volume. 

Please also considering texting brief questions that are not listed above to 208-899-7487 . Please choose ONE means of communication, it is extremely time consuming as well as frustrating to respond to the same question via text, email and/or phone call before we realize they are all from one person :) .

Do NOT call or text outside of normal business days/hours.

Scotch Pines no longer offers boarding. Please contact your vet for recommendations on boarding facilities. 

  If you are checking registration confirmation, please note on the registration form that notifications for class are not emailed until at least one week prior to class, first check your spam mail. Thank you for your understanding!

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