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References to help you train with confidence
Mary and Tigger

Here's what our customers are saying...

"As a veterinarian I highly recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training. A bond of loyalty is created by the humane training methods." 
Dr. Swane, Pet Haven Veterinary Clinic.

" I have seen graduates from other obedience classes and there is no comparison. Scotch Pines is the only school I will recommend to our clients."
Julia Bowen, Kindness Small Animal Center

 "I feel it would be difficult to find any way your school could do a better job than you are already doing.I would not hesitate to recommmend your school to anyone."
Dr. Carlson, Northwest Animal Hospital

"Scotch Pines courses are informative and fun. Best of all, they produce tremendous results."
Dr. Norman, Ontario Animal Hospital

 "Your presentation on the topic of dog behavior was excellent"
Investigation of Cruelty to Animals and Humane Animal Restraint Techniques. Phillip Mamer DVM, State Veterinary Medical Officer

I highly recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training. I have observed other training methods and have not seen the good results from these as from Scotch Pines."
Dr. Wilkins, Gem Veterinary Clinic

 "I have come to rely heavily on Scotch Pines for both behavioral couseling and obedience training. I recommend them to my clients because I see excellent results."
Dr. Wethered, Ewing Animal Hosptial

"Scotch Pines Dog Training is well known and highly recommended by this department."
Rick Skelly, Fruitland Chief of Police

"I have taken 4 dogs through Scotch Pines. April's training offers many dogs a second chance. I strongly recommend Scotch Pines. This method is humane and one of the only ones I have seen work successfully over and over."
Becky Gallegos CVT
Hospital Manager, Eagle Animal Clinic

"The training methods of [Scotch Pines] are serious, but not harsh or inhumane. Many dogs lives have been saved because of the training methods Scotch Pines recommends.
 Jan Zimmerman, Director Canyon Co. Animal Shelter

"Your program is a step above, and it would be a bargain at twice the price. I will continue to recommend your services to anyone who asks.
 Dr. Bauscher, Canyon Small Animal

"Well, I said when I got another dog, I would take it through Scotch Pines Dog Training, just as I took Sadie through so many years ago... Although the instructors were different (Sadie and I had Vivian and Izzi and I had April), the basics of the course are the same and the results were great. Looking forward to an advanced course and more fun! Thank You!"
Norma Tucker in Nampa, ID 

"As a lab, Ms Kloi is big, strong, full of energy and has lots of personality. Even though I am a fairly big guy she pulled me around like a toy at the slightest distraction.
Now only 1/2 way through your training Ms Kloi will heel, sit and down on command, stay even as a plate of hamburger is dragged under her nose! Kloi is a delight now, we can't wait to finish the class!!"
David R Day, Boise Photographer, Meridian class 2007
 To view his fabulous art: 

"Brenna and I went to a match in Boise today and she earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate, first try! The evaluator stated she did a "great job" and "perfect" thanks to you, your encouragement and your great class! Next week she will go for her Therapy Dogs Inc assessment test and start her therapy dog training. She has a long & happy career ahead of her. Her cover [ Pet Friendly magazine] also comes out next week, watch for it!
Joanne and Brenna , Fruitland class 2007

Brenna- what a star!!
Diesel and family